Joe Dellosa

Hi there!

My name is Joe Dellosa. I like panda bears, pancakes, spooky stories, libraries, the beach, hot cocoa, board games, your favorite pizza place probably, that moment when you share something that you thought made you weird and the person you're with is all "I feel that way too" and suddenly you both have a sense of warmth and connectedness that comes from feeling a little less alone, performing karaoke poorly, poker, and Tetris.

I originally made this website in 2010, so I'm afraid it's pretty outdated in both content and structure. I'm not exactly sure what kind of person the 2010 version of me thought I was going to be, but he clearly thought I'd be way more into blogging than I am. That poor, na´ve fool. (I'm still trying to figure out what, if anything, I'll do with this website now.)

By the way, a couple of things: I've archived the "It's Not Just You" holiday letter I wrote a couple of years ago if you're looking for that. And yes, those were my flowers you saw on Valentine's Day. You're more than welcome to take one next time.

(Also, if you're my student, this is not the class website, and you're in the wrong place. I mean, you're free to look around, but the stuff on this website will probably humanize me and completely screw up the image of a stoic, humorless, unfeeling authority figure I've been carefully cultivating. And that'd just be weird for everybody.)

Anyway, thanks for visiting! Please feel free to say hi.