Joe Dellosa


Or, more accurately, here are a few things I did in college that I happened to document.

(I'll be honest: now that I've long graduated, I'm not really sure what I should do with this section of my website.)

* * *

Things Are Going to Be Okay (Panda Flyers)
2007—2009 A simple flyer in which a panda assures people that "things are going to be okay." After my own pretty terrible freshman fall semester at UF, I posted literally hundreds of these around UF every December from sophomore to senior year as the fall semester came to a close.

Tilted Sleeper
Circa 2007 A project in which flyers with epigrams alongside a "tilted sleeper" were posted around town.

The HDN Project
2008—2010 My LGBT advocacy group I started at the University of Florida. This link is an archive of websites, information materials, news coverage, and op-eds associated with the project.