Joe Dellosa

Personal Projects

I occasionally work on some personal projects that I think are both interesting and wholly unmarketable. Here's a small selection.

A lot of them involve "flyer art"—art in the form of the creation and posting of flyers—which function as experiments both in restrained art and in just how much "art" can be created on a college kid's budget.

This section is still under development and will be updated soon.

Flyer Art

Things Are Going to Be Okay (Panda Flyers)
2007—2009 A simple flyer in which a panda assures people that "things are going to be okay." After my own pretty terrible freshman fall semester at UF, I posted literally hundreds of these around UF every December from sophomore to senior year as the fall semester came to a close.

Tilted Sleeper
Circa 2007 A project in which flyers with epigrams alongside a "tilted sleeper" were posted around town. No context necessary.

LGBT Activism

The HDN Project
2008—2010 My LGBT advocacy group I started at the University of Florida. This link is an archive of websites, information materials, news coverage, and op-eds associated with the project.