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The HDN Project

The HDN Project, or "Human Decency Now," was a registered student organization at the University of Florida I started that advocated for LGBT rights. Some of the organization's efforts:
2008 (Archived Website) During the 2008 election, Amendment 2, a proposed amendment to the Florida state constitution was put on the ballot that would ban gay marriage and civil unions in the state. The official No on 2 campaign in the state centered their campaign around the message of "look how this affects straight people, too" instead of actively standing up for LGBT people. This website was a part of our small effort to fix this.

Highlights: These original flyers (an altered version of which were used by Arizona State University's LGBTQ Coalition to help campaign against Arizona's similar Proposition 102), a thorough fact-checking of the Yes on 2 campaign's lies, and a list of why people should vote no.

Say Thanks to the Companies That Opposed Proposition 8
2008 (Archived Website) A microsite that encouraged people to write notes of thanks to various companies that took public stances against California's Proposition 8, the ballot measure that revoked the right of gay and lesbian couples in the state to marry.

...and lots and lots of talks, Q&A sessions, handmade flyers, and presentations
that aren't available in digital form, sadly.

HDN opinion pieces

Reject marriage amendment to stop paranoia
February 6, 2008 An Alligator op-ed that urged the rejection of Florida's Amendment 2, which banned gay marriage in the state constitution. The piece was kind of awkwardly edited, but on the bright side, it did contain a joke indirectly linking Eliza Thornberry to something untoward. Yes, I'm an awful person.

Amendment 2 about curbing rights, not protecting marriage
October 3, 2008 An Alligator op-ed that urged the rejection of Florida's Amendment 2, which banned gay marriage in the state constitution. As a bonus, this op-ed resulted in the first piece of quasi-hate email I've ever gotten, in the form of a letter to the editor from some poor freshman.

Pro-Amendment 1 group doesn't deserve benefit of doubt
March 20, 2009 An Alligator op-ed arguing against Gainesville's proposed Charter Amendment 1, which, had it passed, would have eliminated citywide anti-discrimination protections for LGBT people. The piece specifically criticizes the campaign tactics of the "Yes on 1" group.

U.S. should support all its troops, including gays
August 1, 2009 An opinion piece published in the Orlando Sentinel presenting a "quantitative" argument against "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," the U.S. military's ban on openly gay and lesbian servicemembers.

Columns on LGBT issues

Coming Out Day should be made easy
October 6, 2009 Remember Pastor Terry Jones, the Gainesville, Fla. preacher-guy who got a lot of media attention for threatening to burn a Quran in 2010? Before his day in the media spotlight, he was a local homophobe who protested a Gainesville pride festival. I interviewed him while he and his congregation were protesting and wrote a column calling for respect for LGBT people.

Case against marriage equality faulty
October 20, 2009 A column drawing comparisons between a Louisiana justice of the peace's refusal to marry an interracial couple and a Maine referendum that would rescind marriage equality for LGBT people in the state.

Michigan ordinance similar to local Charter Amendment 1
October 30, 2009 A column noting the similarities between a Gainesville, Fla. referendum to rescind anti-discrimination protections for LGBT people and one happening in Kalamazoo.

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