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Flyers Customized for ASU / Arizona Proposition 102

Here are's flyers, customized for Arizona State University and Arizona Proposition 102. Each flyer has two versions: one has only the email address of the ASU LGBTQ Coalition in the "For More Information" paragraph, and the other version has both the email address and the URL for

All the files are PDFs. Please let me know if you need the flyers in a different format. Thanks!

I'm voting NO on Arizona Proposition 102 because...

I believe in love.
Email Only | Email & URL

I know the lessons of the black civil rights struggle.
Email Only | Email & URL

I'm a Christian.
Email Only | Email & URL

I'm standing up for the gay community.
Email Only | Email & URL

Love matters to me.
Email Only | Email & URL

My marriage doesn't need "protection."
Email Only | Email & URL

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