Joe Dellosa


Here's a partial archive of things I wrote from 2006 to 2010 — basically, from just before I started college to just after I graduated.

Man, I feel old.

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Winner-takes-all approach isn't serving well anymore
October 25, 2010 An op-ed published in the Palm Beach Post detailing the flaws in plurality voting in the context of the 2010 Florida Senate race and the need for voting system reform. Instant runoff voting is discussed, and approval voting is explicitly endorsed.

The Alligator columns

I wrote 31 opinion columns over eight months at the Alligator
Fall 2009/Spring 2010 These columns are probably among the most interesting stuff I've ever written, and my job as columnist at UF's campus newspaper will likely be the quirkiest (in a good way) writing gig I'll have in a while, so they get their own page. Please click the above link for a selection of those columns.


Contractor tied to deaths (KBR)
August 4, 2009 An Alligator op-ed sharply criticizing the pattern of negligence and malfeasance on the part of the military contractor KBR.

U.S. should support all its troops, including gays
August 1, 2009 An opinion piece published in the Orlando Sentinel presenting a "quantitative" argument against "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," the U.S. military's ban on openly gay and lesbian servicemembers.

Web site scams students unaware of free credit report law
July 14, 2009 An Alligator op-ed harshly criticizing the (now ads from Experian and the Martin Agency as intentionally misleading and dishonest.

Failing economies shouldn't put pressure on friendships
June 18, 2009 An essay published as an Alligator op-ed that talks about the effects of a recession on friendships. I wrote this shortly after I visited a friend in Virginia whom I hadn't seen in years, which had set off a lot of wistfulness and reflection for me.

Pro-Amendment 1 group doesn't deserve benefit of doubt
March 20, 2009 An Alligator op-ed arguing against Gainesville's proposed Charter Amendment 1, which, had it passed, would have eliminated citywide anti-discrimination protections for LGBT people. The piece specifically criticizes the campaign tactics of the "Yes on 1" group.


Amendment 2 about curbing rights, not protecting marriage
October 3, 2008 An Alligator op-ed that urged the rejection of Florida's Amendment 2, which banned gay marriage in the state constitution. As a bonus, this op-ed resulted in the first piece of quasi-hate email I've ever gotten, in the form of a letter to the editor from some poor freshman.

Reject marriage amendment to stop paranoia
February 6, 2008 An Alligator op-ed that urged the rejection of Florida's Amendment 2, which banned gay marriage in the state constitution. The piece was kind of awkwardly edited, but on the bright side, it did contain a joke indirectly linking Eliza Thornberry to something untoward. Yes, I'm an awful person.


Nothing interesting this year.


Remarks I gave at my high school graduation
May 29, 2006 I gave a speech at my high school graduation in 2006. It was an atypical and cheerfully morbid graduation speech, but I've archived it here because it was also kind of a snapshot of who I was and what I believed when I was 18. (Apparently, who I was when I was 18 was someone who enjoyed making jokes about STDs.)

"Gay/Lesbian" websites blocked by the School District of Palm Beach County
March 16, 2006 One of the quirkier side-projects I created and worked on during my senior year of high school was "," a quasi-official, pseudo-underground online school newspaper. This news story represented's finest hour, in which I broke a story about the school district's anti-LGBT web filtering policy. I've archived it here because the article set off a chain of events which led to a change in the district's policy less than a year later.